North Brooklyn in the 19th Century

River to Stream is planning it’s public walk for July 17th.  We want to recreate the land of the past, bring in the feeling of what you would have walked through over a hundred years ago.

North Brooklyn, 1868

Carolyn did some research on what North Brooklyn, from the East River to the bend towards Newtown Creek, looked like in the past.  She says, “Here are pics of two 19th century maps of Brooklyn with a focus on Newtown Creek. What amazes me is the difference between 1845, farms and marshland, and 1868, with a completed road grid, and the East River coast along India St. has a Bulkhead and Pier line. In 23 years there was a huge, huge change. Of course, in 1848 the farms mean there had already been taming and changing of the land but most of the area immediately along the Creek on the Brooklyn side is still indicated as marsh.”

North Brooklyn, 1845

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