Stewardance Days: Find the Forest

Howdy folks. This is the most succinct description we have to date. What do you think?

Not many people know that street-trees need to be cared for. But think about it- in the forest of urban street-trees, there is hardly any open ground to soak up water and nutrients, and roots have to compete with concrete and pipes! Street-trees need our help to grow tall and healthy; we can break up compacted soil, mulch around trees with woodchips, water, and even become citizen tree-pruners to trim dead branches before they become diseased.

However, the trees aren’t the only ones in need. New Yorkers need help from street-trees, too. We need to slow down, appreciate the air, sunlight, and rain in our city, reclaim our tall, strong posture from our workdays at the computer, and talk to our neighbors…

When you join us for a Stewardance daywe’ll do all the normal stewardship activities, but that’s only half of it. We will also be stewards of ourselves. Come learn how to tune in to the dance of your own body as it calls for physical activity, exertion, stretching, relaxation, air, water, and sunlight. Respecting the naturalness of ourselves, we can better realize the naturalness all around us; we can find the forest of New York City.

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