Bracketing and Returning.





Back from being in and above Union Square. Balloon mapping and ground presence improvisational choreography facilitated by the Public Laboratory and by Clarinda MacLow choreographer, new media artist (iLAB 2010) and Jessica Einhorn, choreographer, dancer. I’ll have to corral someone from the TRANSECT to give an impression of that workshop.

We left to get back to the next event on time, the panel on Queer Ecology, just as the police presence was moving in for an approaching Occupy Wall Street march.

Union Square was a dense inside that the movement of the balloon registering and relating to the wind brought down to our collective earth body. Trail it. Chase it down. Certainly don’t forget we are attached to it. Which we did sometimes. Although not when we were making 5 second movement shapes….

Next panel starting….. queer ecology.. Up next. Photos of balloons and links to the aerial photos we took to follow.


JUST ADDED  3/25 5:12 p

 Notes from Jack Magai’s TRANSECT walk:

EJ sent us on a visual word-collecting walk from the Symposium to 11th St. & 1st. Ave.. At our destination we discussed the rules we imposed on ourselves to make their accumulation more or less chancy, as well as the performative and kinaesthetic aspects of the experience. EJ suggested pairing-up for the return walk to read the results to each other. My experience listening to and reading the  chance poems was surprising — there was a uniform composed quality to them. Some pointedly humorous. Some pairs also explored the return trip as an intentional dance. My partner and I took turns dancing with the other as she focused on her word-gathering job, noting how this partnership altered the poetic role.

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