wow. Moving quickly here. The morning was amazing! The image text above is a definition of improvisation Susan Sgorbati used in the panel this morning.   A lot of amazing sharing.  Will have to post later. Just barely enough time to eat, chat, and try to come up with a method and fail at it. Phew. Heading out to PLOT with PLOTS (public laboratory). Looking forward to learning a co-equal technique outside. Being within the world in a performance model. Woo hoo.

Eliot posted a link to the iLANDING method and to Victoria’s presentation from the morning panel. So please check that out. More than I can say…. Oops. Out on the street already literally….. Getting instructions on exploration on the way. The balloon that will loft the camera for the aerial mapping is governed by the wind.  See how your movement and other things are interacting with the wind. Look for the crooked lines. They tell you the story.

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