2012 iLAND Symposium Transition

Symposium Blog Basket
Thank you to everyone who attended the  2012 iLAND Symposium,
Moving Into the Out There:  Indeterminacy & Improvisation in Performance & Environmental Practice.
Gretchen Till, who was blogging throughout the Symposium, has created this Blog Basket, where you’ll find documents from and responses to the Symposium.
The questions that are up for comment and conversation:
  • An Indeterminate Partnering:
  • What does collaboration mean now?
  • An Index of ?:?:?: What are your constellations?
  • What do you want to return to?
  • A Shape (s) We Were In – What was your form?
  • A Thought Body – What did you read?

The resources that are up for comment and conversation: 

  • the Performances
  • the Panels
  • the Thrown Outside Workshops
  • the iLANDING Method

Visit the Blog Basket Now and Join us in the conversation!

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