iLAND announces the 2012 iLAB Residents

iLAB, is a residency program supporting collaborations between movement-based artists and scientists, environmentalists, urban designers/landscape architects, architects and others that integrate creative practice within different fields/disciplines.  iLAND is pleased to announce this year’s iLAB residents:

Higher ED: Ecology + Dance

Liz Barry, director of urban environment for The Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science
Jessica Einhorn, dancer, urban environmentalist
Lailye Weidman, dancemaker

Higher ED: Ecology + Dance will explore the physical relationship between the wind moving through urban environments and our bodies using the connective media of kite / balloon aerial mapping devices and weather observation movement scores during outdoor research activities.  

Follow the Water Walks

Paloma McGregor, choreographer, co-founder of Angela’s Pulse collaborative performance ensemble
Damian Griffin, Education Director, Bronx River Alliance
Rebecca Boger, Assistant Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Brooklyn College, with dual appointment at CUNY Graduate Center

Follow the Water Walks plans to use our choreographic, scientific and cultural research to develop interactive movement structures for a culminating model that will offer an embodied experience of the storm water routes and the Bronx River, with attention to what was, is and will be part of that living landscape. 

More information about the 2012 residents is here.

More information about iLAB is here.

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