The Walk Exchange – Upcoming Events

The Walk Exchange

Friends of iLAND, The Walk Exchange was founded by Dillon de Give, Bess Matassa, Virginia Millington, Blake Morris, and Moira Williams. It is open to anyone who has an interest in walking.

“The Walk Exchange hope you are enjoying your summer and would like to let you know about some upcoming walk opportunities, which includes information on how to take part in the third version of the Walk Study Training Course! All Walk Exchange events are free of charge. Please let us know if you require special accommodations.”

Monthly Walk Series #3-
August 19th, 1pm

This walk in the third in our new monthly series. It walk will approach questions of spatial storytelling, memory and home as we travel to the various blocks in Brooklyn where a friend once lived. Along the way, we’ll share memories of our own, try to access pieces of her story, and think about the intersections between movement and narrative. For exact details, click here.

Long Walks on the Beach
August 25th and 26th, Various Times

We are also pleased to announce Dillon de Give’s project Long Walks on the Beach, (in affiliation with Flux Factory). Long Walks on the Beach is a public project that provides a framework to literally enact a cliché with a stranger. On August 25th and 26th randomly paired people will take a long walk on the beach together. This is an experience-based artwork that uses walking as its medium. Each pair may become friends for life, or never speak to each other again. During the weekend of facilitated walks, a broadcast station will be available to share important conversational insights.  For full details,  click here.

Walk Study Training Course III
September 9th – October 14th

Finally, we are currently accepting applications for the third iteration of the Walk Study Training Course. WSTC is a six-week course that pairs texts (readings, films, whale sounds, and more) with a weekly walk. This year’s course will explore Spatial Relationships, and cover thinkers and artists such as Shannon Jackson, Edmund Husserl, Gary Snyder, Girl Walk and more. Check our website for more information on the course and how to apply.

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