Loose Ends : Writing Texts

Loose Ends – Writing texts: Some notes and thoughts by an insider | outsider. The questions are my reflection on the symposium. Gretchen Till, OAKLAND CA 03-31-2012 The 4th iLAND symposium: Moving Into the Out There ended in the early evening a Saturday ago and, suddenly, or so it seemed, the two days of gathering […]

Between bewildering and the weather.

The queer ecology panel ends and Jennifer is leaving us with the question of how we direct orientations to systems outward, how do we bring them back in,  and how do we move them back and forth and between. Jennifer showed an amazing set of videos going back and forth between sensing and meaning and […]

Bracketing and Returning.

        Back from being in and above Union Square. Balloon mapping and ground presence improvisational choreography facilitated by the Public Laboratory and by Clarinda MacLow choreographer, new media artist (iLAB 2010) and Jessica Einhorn, choreographer, dancer. I’ll have to corral someone from the TRANSECT to give an impression of that workshop. We left […]