iLAB Residencies

About iLAB


iLAB is a residency program supporting collaborations 

between movement-based artists and scientists, environmentalists, urban designers/landscape architects, architects and others that integrate creative practice within different fields/disciplines.

The goals of iLAB are

  1. to invigorate and re-imagine relationships between the public and the urban environment through kinetic experience,
  2. to engage artists and practitioners across the disciplines of dance, art, and the ecology of physical interrelationships such that we create and investigate innovative approaches to science, infrastructure, urbanisms, and architecture within a performative context, and
  3. to support the development of process in engagement over product such that process is itself a product for artistic and public action.

Each year iLAB provides collaborator teams with support including a stipend, resources to document the residency, mechanisms for disseminating their research in the science and art communities, and mentoring throughout the process.

This year, in addition to participating in the residency activities, the iLAB recipients will be engaged in the development of the iLANDing a dynamic structure of best practices that will foster in-depth and effective collaborative processes for the iLAB Residency program. Defining the iLANDing will create a replicable model for interdisciplinary collaboration with a strong emphasis on the role that dance and somatic practices play in environmental and aesthetic understanding.

The deadline for the First Round Letter of Inquiry for a 2013 Residency is November 20, 2012.

To learn more about past residencies stretching back to 2006, visit our Residency Archive page.

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