2008 iLAB Residents

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Human Geography and the Practice of Presence

Collaborators: Karl Cronin and Sasha Cuerda

The collaborators will conduct movement research based on two leading theories from the field of Human Geography: Action Network Theory (ANT) and Non-Representational Theory. These two theories have been widely debated within the field of geography, and in their own ways postulate a manner of being in space that involves interacting directly with one’s environment-moving beyond layers of semiotics and abstracted representations. Read more…

Dead Horse Bay

Collaborators: Sarah White, Angel Ayon and Gerald Marks

Dead Horse Bay, situated along Brooklyn’s southernmost waterfront, appears today as a place wedged somewhere in time between an industrial past, return to natural shoreline and an undetermined future. The Collaborators will use this site as a context to explore, reflect and ultimately discourse on the environmental impact of site alterations engineered to meet human needs. Read more…


Collaborators: Theresa Duhon and Colin Grubel

Duhon will be assisting Grubel in studying the diet of Double-crested Cormorants, work that involves the collection and identification of fish as well as pellets containing identifiable parts of past meals, regurgitated by the birds. Samples will be collected at several colonies in the NYC area and identified in the lab at Queens College. The work also includes monitoring nests and banding birds. Grubel will participate in Theresa’s choreographic process as a dancer, learning dance material and contributing to improvisational exercises as well as to the discussion of their results. Read more…