2011 iLAND Symposium

2011 iLAND Symposium:
Slow Networks: Discovering the urban Environment Through Collaborations in Dance and Ecology

March 25, 2011 | 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
The New School – Location TBD

  • Presentations by iLAB 2010 Residents River to Creek and Stewardance
  • Presentation by Jennifer Monson, iLAND founder and Artistic Director
  • Panel Discussion with audience and special quest moderators to TBC

March 26, 2011 | 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
The New School – Location TBD

  • Morning workshops exploring movement and urban ecology at sites throughout NYC
  • Networking lunch provided by The New School Urban Forestry Club
  • Afternoon break-out discussions

Symposium Blog: https://ilandsymposium.wordpress.com/

Slow Networks: Discovering the Urban Environment Through Collaborations in Dance And Ecologyis iLAND’s third annual symposium on dance, movement, and the environment. The two-day event in the heart of New York City brings together dancers, choreographers, designers, ecologists, advocates, and scientists for interactive panel discussions, field workshops, and networking opportunities. This year’s symposium features an in-depth conversation with recipients of last year’s iLAB residencies, kicking off another dynamic year of iLAND programming.

Slow Networks will highlight the insights and discoveries of the 2010 iLAB residencies along with recent work by iLAND founder, Artistic Director, and award-winning choreographer Jennifer Monson. Workshop presenters and panelists will include personnel from:

Stewardance, a collaborative exploration of the relationship between street tree stewardship and mindful movement through the urban environment.

River to Creek, a participatory research project drawing attention to the geographic and ecological connections across the industrial landscape of North Brooklyn.

SIP (Sustained Immersive Process)/Watershed an investigation into the NYC Regional watershed viewed as a meta-choreography of the historical, geological, and cultural layers of the interaction of built and natural phenomena of water in the region.

The Symposium’s Friday evening session will include presentations from each of the participants with a general discussion panel following. The Saturday session will feature hands-on workshops out in the urban landscape, run by our three presenters, followed by a collaborative discussion period.


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