iLAND Benefit & SOIREE


Join us to celebrate and support iLAND at the
Second Annual BENEFIT and SOIREE!

October 17th, 2011 | 6-10pm

Superfine, Brooklyn NY

  • 6 pm – Mingling, researching & collaborating
  • 7pm – Opening remarks – Jennifer Monson
  • 7:30pm – Collaborative performance based on the research & collaboration gathered from our guests.
    Followed by a reading by Eileen Myles
  • 9 pm Silent Auction and Raffle

MC CARMELITA TROPICANA | Performers include: Sean Meehan, Mina Nishamura, Jon Kinzel, and Carolyn Hall

Food Choreographed by Athena Kokoronis and donated by The Anthill Farm
Wine donated by David Bowler Wines


To purchase tickets online, select your level above, or email to make a reservation and pay at the door.


Brooklyn Botanic Garden Frequent Visitor Pass
Frequent Visitor Family Pass to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden: winner gets one pass good for two adults and their children under 16 years for free admission any days the garden is normally open through October 31, 2012. Also included, a map of BBG with the all-important general information.

A tour for 2 of New York City’s public spaces
Choose between a mid-town Manhattan tour of POPs [privately owned public spaces] and their predecessors [the Seagram Building and the Lever House] or a lower Manhattan tour of including the site of the Tilted Arc controversy and the African Burial Ground Memorial. With Elliott Maltby, iLAND board member, urban designer, and public space voyeur.

Earthdance T-shirts
1 Men’s Organic Cotton, 1 women’s Organic Cotton, designed by iLAND Board Member Julia Handschuh

Gotham Fish Tales a film by Robert Maass
about the film:
a new 70-minute documentary film by Robert Maass, weaves a hopeful, inspiring story of dogged fishermen who ply New York City waters, from Hell’s Gate, to massive bridges, to the shadow of the Statue of Liberty.

It’s an inspiring tale because it flies against the conventional wisdom of what coexists in the largest American city – a highly utilized marine ecosystem hard pressed against the density of the city which supports a vibrant and varied fishery , second to none by any angler’s standard. Professional fishermen struggle to hang on while recreational anglers catch and eat fish of surprising abundance and variety. Genuine fish tales entertain and provoke, reflecting the city’s buoyant character.

Movement Research 5 class card + a cloth Movement Research bag

Two Total Experience passes to the New York Aquarium in Coney Island
Each pass allows one adult free entrance to the aquarium, shows and the 4-D Theater (which is currently showing the movie “Happy Feet”). Valid through September 3, 2012. Winner gets both passes and 2 maps/information booklets with hours of operation info and a coupon to the Bronx Zoo, too!

Signed Copy of Let Fury Have the Hour: The Punk Rock Politics of Joe Strummer   by Antonino D’Ambrosio
“Were it not for the Clash, punk would have been just a sneer, a safety pin, and a pair of bondage trousers,” writes Billy Bragg, and documentarian/activist, D’Ambrosio proves it with this gathering of skillfully selected articles and essays on Clash front man Joe Strummer (1952-2002), from the likes of Lester Bangs, Chuck D, Greil Marcus and D’Ambrosio himself.”  Publishers Weekly

Brooklyn Academy of Music 2 tickets to a show at the Next Wave Festival  worth $90

New York Live Arts:  2 tickets to a show in their 2011-12 season  worth $80


An Energy Walk-through of your Apartment Building, House, or Apartment starting bid $50
Are the energy bills at your apartment building, co-op, condo, or small home/apartment out of control?  Ours too.

Experts agree that the most energy waste is caused by operator error, in other words, you, your manager, your super, or many of the residents make mistakes. Most of these are not purposeful, and many are easy to solve.  The best solution is a walk through of your building to find waste, and we have gotten one of NY’s premier experts in energy efficiency to walk through you building to find the waste.

F.L. Andrew Padian is Vice President for Energy Initiatives for The Community Preservation Corporation (CPC), a not-for-profit affordable housing mortgage lender. He has 30 years of experience in the unique building science of multifamily buildings, and has performed detailed energy analysis on hundreds of buildings across the country. He created the first national model for training and certification of building managers and maintenance staff of multifamily buildings for energy efficiency; over 2000 participants have taken the extensive 1 to 5 day training.

Mr. Padian will spend a weekend morning or afternoon, or an evening, up to four hours, plowing through your building with you to find the waste. Take good notes, he talks quickly.

A signed copy of Eric Sanderson’s Mannahatta: A Natural History of New York City. starting bid $75
About the book:  On September 12, 1609, Henry Hudson first set eyes on the land that would become Manhattan. It’s difficult for us to imagine what he saw, but for more than a decade, landscape ecologist Eric Sanderson has been working to do just that. Mannahatta: A Natural History of New York City is the astounding result of those efforts, reconstructing, in words and images, the wild island that millions of New Yorkers now call home.

By geographically matching an 18th-century map of Manhattan’s landscape to the modern cityscape, combing through historical and archaeological records, and applying modern principles of ecology and computer modeling, Sanderson is able to re-create the forests of Times Square, the meadows of Harlem, and the wetlands of downtown. Filled with breathtaking illustrations that show what Manhattan looked like 400 years ago, Mannahatta is a groundbreaking work that gives readers not only a window into the past, but inspiration for green cities and wild places of the future.

A signed copy of Paul Greenberg’s Four Fish  starting bid $35
About Paul Greenberg: Our relationship with the ocean is undergoing a profound transformation. Whereas just three decades ago nearly everything we ate from the sea was wild, rampant overfishing combined with an unprecedented bio-tech revolution has brought us to a point where wild and farmed fish occupy equal parts of a complex and confusing marketplace. We stand at the edge of a cataclysm; there is a distinct possibility that our children’s children will never eat a wild fish that has swum freely in the sea. In Four Fish, award-winning writer and lifelong fisherman Paul Greenberg takes us on a culinary journey, exploring the history of the fish that dominate our menus—salmon, sea bass, cod and tuna-and examining where each stands at this critical moment in time. In addition to being the author of the James Beard Award winning New York Times bestseller Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food, Paul Greenberg is also a regular contributor to The New York Times Magazine, Book Review, and Opinion Page.

Mary Miss City as Living Lab drawing – more detail to come starting bid TBD
Mary Miss has reshaped the boundaries between sculpture, architecture, landscape design, and installation art by articulating a vision of the public sphere where it is possible for an artist to address the issues of our time.  She has developed the “City as Living Lab”, a framework for making issues of sustainability tangible through collaboration and the arts, with Marda Kirn of EcoArts Connections. Trained as a sculptor, her work creates situations emphasizing a site’s history, its ecology, or aspects of the environment that have gone unnoticed.  Mary Miss has collaborated closely with architects, planners, engineers, ecologists, and public administrators on projects as diverse as creating a temporary memorial around the perimeter of Ground Zero, marking the predicted flood level of Boulder, Colorado, revealing the history of the Union Square Subway station in New York City or turning a sewage treatment plant into a public space.

Urban Surfcasting Trip for 2 starting bid $50
Includes all equipment and transportation to Breezy Point in Queens. Elliott Maltby, iLAND board member, has been fishing since she was able to hold a rod, and comes from a long line of fishermen – and women. All levels welcome.

A Personal Retreat at Earthdance  starting bid $250
2 days and 3 nights includes room and board*
EARTHDANCE is an artist-run workshop, residency, and retreat center located in the Berkshire hills of Western Massachusetts.  We provide a dynamic mix of dance, somatic, and interdisciplinary arts training, with a focus on sustainable living, social justice, and community.  Earthdance has been spearheading innovative arts programming, and maintaining a beautiful facility for rental groups in the Pioneer Valley for over two decades.  Our diverse, year-round programs include: dance workshops; yoga retreats;  interdisciplinary, ecological and somatic art festivals & residencies; Contact Improvisation jams; ROOT, a local class series; a year-round Artist Residency Program; and our New Performance Series. Our facilities include two large and sunny studios with maple floors, meeting space, meditation and massage rooms, 100 acres of woods, streams, trails and a wood-fired sauna. *prepare your own meals from food in our kitchen

Correspondence from the Woods- Performance for postcards mailed once a month for one year
starting bid $100
Julia Handschuh is an artist, writer, organizer and iLAND board member who lives in the woods of Western Massachusetts.  Her work exists at the intersection of dance, installation art, ecology and public space.  She draws dismantling buildings, lives in a cabin off the grid, plays in porcelain and paper and travels by bike and hitch. She’s trying to learn to articulate how each of these things are improvisational and site-specific in their own right.  These postcards will serve as documents of actions made in the woods, fields and streams around her house specifically for you; once a month for a year.

ASPECT: The Chronicle of New Media Art
ASPECT Magazine meets a unique need in current arts publications by publishing in a multimedia format that allows artists’ original works to be seen by other students and artists working in new media art around the world. The audio commentary accompanying each track heightens the magazine’s educational value by providing a catalyst for discussion and interaction with the works. In this way, ASPECT provides those working in media art with access to their contemporaries’ work and a critical take on the work to help contextualize it within the art world as a whole.

Each issue highlights 5-10 artists working in new or experimental media, whose works are best documented in video or sound. The works can be viewed with or without an additional commentator audio track.

V13: Public  Spring 2009  starting bid $20
Volume 13: Public presents nine works positioned within civic space, accessible to all. From ephemeral to monumental, these works engage diverse audiences and expand the notion of public art. The collection includes direct response to traditional statuary, works which relate technology to human experience and the natural world, exploration led by chance, community involvement, and works which reveal personal and cultural divides within public memory and architectural history. Public art has the power to heighten awareness, question assumptions, transform a landscape, express community values, and provoke controversy.

V10: Rural  Fall 2007 starting bid $20
Exploring the pastoral, ASPECT shifts the concept of urban as center in Volume 10: Rural. Proving that bucolic concerns are equally vital, this issue features nine artists who challenge and investigate the real, imagined, and mediated natural world. These artists effectively employ high-and low- tech transformations and interventions which concentrate the attention of the art world, however temporarily, on the vast world outside of urbanity.

V6: On Location Fall 2005  starting bid $20
Without a fixed physical or temporal locus, Aspect Magazine maximizes the fluidity of its ephemeral site in Volume 6: On Location. Extending from the momentary to the monumental, terrestrial to celestial, micro to macro, and personal to cultural, this issue explores the vast concept of location. Where beyond the genre of new media art could so many different interpretations of location exist? And where besides the time-based Aspect Magazine could they be brought together so cohesively? We hope you enjoy this diverse collection of works in relation to location as much as we have enjoyed assembling them

EnvironMental SerVices: Projects for TV  starting bid $20
Douglas Weathersby creates site-specific installations by combining artmaking with the business of cleaning, home repair, art installation, and other services. Weathersby uses his commercial enterprise, EnvironMental SerVices, as a means to support and create his art. Clients hire him to perform an agreed upon service while giving him permission to make art. Using light and the dust and detritus accumulated while performing these services he creates temporary installations which he documents with video and photographs. DVD includes: 18 videos and over 40 still images.

Birding in Central or Prospect Park (May 5/6 or May 12/13, 2012)  starting bid $50
Enjoy a morning of birding at the height of Spring Migration. Come catch a few of the gorgeous migrants that pass through on the way to their breeding grounds up North. E.J. McAdams, poet, iLAND Board Member, and former Executive Director of NYC Audubon, will be your guide!

Signed copies of iLAND board member John Waldman’s books   2 books together,  starting bid $50
Heartbeats in the Muck: A Dramatic Look at the History, Sea Life and Environment of New York Harbor
The waters surrounding the islands and shores of New York City were once an ecological treasure house, full of oysters, striped bass, seals, porpoises, and other marine species. In the 19th and 20th centuries, seemingly illimitable streams of pollutants entered these arms of the Atlantic; raw sewage, industrial wastes, pesticides, exotic species, and garbage turned the once-thriving waters–rightly called “an urban wilderness”–into a graveyard.

The damage has been so extensive, writes ichthyologist John Waldman, that New York Harbor can never return to its former biological glory. But, thanks to the work of far-seeing environmental groups and government agencies, the harbor is nonetheless regaining some of its health. Through their efforts, pollutants have been reduced, and, with cleaner waters, herons and oysters are slowly returning to their former haunts. Waldman writes of the harbor, “It is growing stronger and steadier, like the survivor of a ghastly medical accident.” -Gregory McNamee

The Dance of the Flying Gurnards:America’s Coastal Curiousities and Seaside Wonders  
The bizarre, bottom-dwelling gurnard resembles a flying fish, but contrary to popular belief and local lore its winglike fins propel it in search of food or puff out to warn a predator, rather than allow it to take flight. It is just one of the fascinating entries in The Dance of the Flying Gurnards, the first informative and engaging sourcebook to introduce beachgoers, waterfront residents, vacationers, and boaters to the natural charms and menaces of the three North American coastlines. This guide describes basic and surprising marine phenomena, celebrating what is observable by people who watch, touch, or float upon the sea. The topics are described in lay terms and are rich with lore, science, and beauty in the spirit of Steinbeck and Ricketts who planned – but never completed – a seacoast guidebook filled with valuable information and literary whimsy. Waldman also includes his personal anecdotes and the stories of fellow beachgoers and mariners who have seen the strangest and most beautiful phenomena the coast has to offer. The Dance of the Flying Gurnards is a fascinating and informative guide that is perfect for anyone who has enjoyed the essays of Stephen Jay Gould, or who loves the coast and wants to know more.

Fruits ou de Terrior? Decide for yourself if you prefer the classic earthy flavors in French wine or the big fruity tastes from the same grapes grown in California. Here are four great taste offs:

  • Located in the hear of the Loire Valley, Sancerre is famous for it’s white wines made with the Sauvignon Blanc grape. Compare this with the grassy quality of wines of the same grape from Dry Creek in the Russian River valley of Sonoma County.  starting bid $40
  • Burgundy is the land of Pinot Noir with wines full of earth and pepper. Russian River Pinots offer a hint of forest floor, but it is covered with powerful fruit combining the flavors of blackberries and cherries.  starting bid $90
  • The northern Rhone has been home to the finest Syrahs for centuries. This varietal is gaining in popularity (Shiraz from Australia…). California is now producing big highly extracted wines from Syrah. Compare these two superbly made wines from the same grape and experience the quintessential difference. starting bid $90
  • Oh Bordeaux. The “commune” of Pauillac is home to three of the five first growth appellations in Bordeaux. Cabernet Sauvignon is the primary grape here. Compare the historical roots of this wine to the varietal intensity found in a big California Cab. Imagine yourself as one of the tasters that made history in the 70’s by awarding the top prizes to the California upstarts. starting bid $100

for up to 4 people [4 days]. One frequent flyer round trip air fare included.
Enjoy a long weekend in spectacular Point Reyes National Seashore, an hour drive from San Francisco. Point Reyes is one of the most beautiful coastlines in North America and the world. I spent several summers of my childhood in this remarkable place and now have the good fortune of having family there to visit. This is a quiet retreat or an action packed weekend of ocean, hiking, kayaking and other adventure.

Your accommodations are a beautiful contemporary 3 bedroom house overlooking the bottom of Tomales Bay. This house is centrally located with easy access to the Bear Valley Visitors Center, Limantour Beach, Pt. Reyes Station, Blue Waters Kayaking and the Tomales Bay beaches. The house is fully furnished with a complete kitchen and wood burning fireplace. The house sits in the forest on the Inverness Ridge with stunning views of Giacomini Marsh and Tomales Bay. The home is located within walking distance of the national park and the surrounding woods are host to a wide variety of flora and fauna including Douglas Fir, California Live Oak, Bay Laurel,  Black Tailed Deer, Coopers and Red Tailed Hawks, Turkey Vultures, Osprey, Bobcats, Skunks and many more. Point Reyes is also the locus of a vital organic farming community. Here you will find among the worlds finest cheeses, grass fed meat and a new breed of world class wines. Recommendations for how to enjoy the Pt. Reyes Peninsula happily provided.The weekend date to be arranged with Jennifer Monson, offer valid through October 2011. 

Devilishbird Mask made by Javier Cardona starting bid $100 
“Devilishbird” (2007) is an original papier-mache mask created by artist Javier Cardona. Devilishbird originates from and plays with the Caribbean mask tradition: mischief hybrid beings of devils and animals, full of bright colors that invite us to join the carnival.   

Signed Copy of  A Heartbeat and a Guitar: Johnny Cash and the Making of Bitter Tears by iLAND board member Antonino D’Ambrosio starting bid $40

“This book is a truly fascinating journey, charting the historical and social context of a courageous musical statement by one of our  greatest rebel voices.  It has since been locked away in the ‘denial drawer’ (aren’t First Nations people just an extinct species, systematically exterminated by European ‘progress’?), but D’Ambrosio admirably shines his investigative lantern into every darkened corner, finally offering some greatly appreciated illumination.” — Jim Jarmusch, filmmaker

“Antonino D’Ambrosio’s book on the making of Johnny Cash’s album “Bitter Tears” is much more than the story behind those extraordinary songs. It is a rich history, not only of Johnny Cash’s life, but of the Indian struggle for justice, which inspired Peter La Farge to write the song ‘The Ballad of Ira Hayes’ and Cash to sing it.  The book is full of fascinating character sketches of the great folk singers of the Sixties, and their part in the social movements of that exciting era. I believe D’Ambrosio has made an important contribution to the cultural history of our time.” – Howard Zinn

Two signed works by photographer Chessa Cahill captured on Governors Island during the SIP(sustained immersive process)/watershed workshops with Jennifer Monson, Maggie Bennett, Chris Cogburn and Kate Cahill, October 2010.  Printed on acid-free archival paper, matted and framed.  

Ryutaro Ishikane : series of photographs of the deadhorse bay iLAB performance  starting bid $150

Dona Ann McAdams : photograph*  starting bid $250  
Dona Ann McAdams’ work has been exhibited widely, nationally and internationally, at places such as the Museum of Modern Art, NYC; The Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC; The International Center of Photography; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, Robert Miller Gallery and La Primavera Fotographica, Barcelona. Her photos are in the collections of, among other places, the Museum of Modern Art; The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Print Club, and the Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris. Her monograph of performance work, Caught in the Act, was published by Aperture in 1996.

While principally known for her performance photography, for which she’s received both Obie and Bessie Awards, the majority of her work lies in a number of personal portfolios, documentary in nature, which range widely and include eclectic subjects such as: thoroughbred horse racing, Appalachia farmers, a community of schizophrenics living on Coney Island. Some of her most memorable images are photographs from the street, where she uses the same techniques she does in live performance to create a kind of performance of everyday life. Her work has been compared to Henri Cartier-Bresson, Dorothea Lange, and Tina Modotti.
*11×14 print the series Four Legs Good, and may not be the one pictured here. 



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